Canton of Aargau relies on software from Collecta AG to digitize debt collection proceedings

Zug, February 9, 2022 - Three providers applied for the tender of the Cantonal Tax Office Aargau for a software solution to handle the debt collection procedures. Collecta AG was awarded the contract as the economically best offer (solution offered, qualification of the company and the attractive price).

The market for software solutions for the debt collection process in Switzerland is small. This is because it involves a specific connection to eSchKG, the transmission standard of the Swiss debt collection offices. Developing software in this specific segment is of little interest to international providers.

Collecta AG, based in Zug, specialized in the collection software niche even before the mandatory introduction of eSchKG at all debt collection offices in 2017. As one of the first providers, it developed Collecta eSchKG-Services, an application that enables the electronic processing of the debt collection procedure and the connection of existing systems to eSchKG.

Canton Aargau and Aargau municipalities will use the digital service of eSchKG in the tax environment

The tax office of the Canton of Aargau will use Collecta for the processing of debt collection procedures in the tax sector and as a central loss management service for federal, state and municipal taxes for individuals and legal entities, including connection to the eSchKG interface. This gives the canton of Aargau and the Aargau municipalities, which obtain the service for municipal taxes from the canton, the opportunity to use the digital service in the collection procedure and loss management.

The digital processing and automated processes significantly simplify the administrative workflows of the debt collection procedures. Collecta's many years of experience and broad customer base, including with cantons and municipalities, made it a convincing partner.

Giovanni Borrelli, Managing Director of Collecta AG, is pleased with the award: "The comprehensive audit and assessment of the Canton of Aargau shows that our debt collection software meets the requirements of medium to larger institutions. Already over 40 percent of eSchKG users use our software."  


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