Individuals and individual case

Electronic debt collection for the individual case

With eBetreibung, you handle the collection of a single debt online. All necessary documents for the electronic debt collection procedure as well as the legally non-binding dunning procedure are available.

"Through our platform, any company or private individual can initiate a debt collection. The entry is simple, self-explanatory and allows for a quick processing."

Yasemin Somun, customer consultant

In the electronic dossier, you are guided step by step through the dunning and collection process and always have an overview of each case. eBetreibung is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that want to manage their collections and debt collection independently, cost-effectively and professionally. It is suitable for less than 30 collection cases per year.  

Your advantages

  • Process from dunning stage to debt collection to payment or loss certificate included
  • Automated deadline monitoring and deadline control
  • Simple administration, one-time data entry
  • Overview in the electronic dossier at any time
  • Savings in time, paper and postage costs
  • Templates in the languages German/French/Italian
  • Credit checks and debt collection statements for clarification in the run-up to a debt collection procedure