The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Giovanni borrelli

Giovanni Borrelli


Lucia blatty

Lucia Blatty


Ivan de nicoli

Ivan de Nicoli

Customer consultant

Yasemin somun

Yasemin Somun

Customer consultant

Annick lusser hess

Annick Lusser Hess


André weltert

André Weltert

Customer service manager

Andrea frischknecht

Andrea Frischknecht

Customer consultant

Serge lusser

Serge Lusser


Rebekka schnarwiler

Rebekka Schnarwiler

Customer consultant

Philipp schäuble

Philipp Schäuble

Head eSchKG, Deputy CEO

Andrin gorgi

Andrin Gorgi

Information Technology Specialist

Collecta AG

Collecta AG, founded in 2002, specializes in collection software under Swiss law. The company is based in Zug and offers collection solutions for companies and public institutions. On the other hand, it provides services related to debt collection for private individuals and smaller companies with the web platform Betreibungsschalter-Plus.ch.

"We are convinced that committed, motivated employees are the basis for success. Taking responsibility, contributing, creating innovations, showing appreciation. We live these values."

Giovanni Borrelli

CEO and Founder Collecta AG